Answers to frequently asked questions


Information on visits will be found on the page of our website detailing the item for rent.

Information on the documents to be submitted will be found in the following registration forms:

– All properties: consult the registration forms section.

– Subsidised apartments : consult the registration forms section.

Before filling in the registration form, please ensure that you satisfy the allocation criteria (status; minimum number of people that may occupy a rental unit with a given number of rooms ; maximum income for entitlement).

You can send it to us by post or hand it in personally at our reception desk at chemin Malombré 10,  1st floor, or send it by email to

If your income is insufficient (unemployed, student, etc.) or if you are facing prosecution.

The guarantor proposed (parent, friend, etc.) must also fill in the registration form for the rental, provide the required documents, and be domiciled in Switzerland.

You may apply to such a company on condition that it satisfies the conditions for a joint and several guarantee. All relevant information will be found on the website Smartcaution, for example.


You can make a request in writing to . A fee of CHF 40.00 (+tax) will be charged. Link to pdf document: requests that involve costs for tenants

You can make a request in writing to A fee of CHF 15.- including tax will be charged for this copy (requests that involve costs for tenants). You will find details of the procedure under “requests for a parking permit attestation”.

A request to cancel must be sent by registered mail, signed by all signatories to the tenancy agreement and be received by us within the time limit stipulated in the contract (at the date of reception).

The period of notice varies according to the tenancy agreement. You will find the conditions that apply to you in the specific terms of your present contract.

In the case of a residential lease, you can cancel the contract within thirty days for the 15th or the last day of the month (except 31 December) on condition of submitting a complete application file by a solvent tenant taking over the lease under the same conditions as your present lease.

You must make the request in writing, enclosing a copy of the sublease agreement, before it comes into effect. Instructions will be found on the useful documents page of our website : click here

You need to prove your intention to return to the residence, i.e., the sublet is temporary. The rent charged should not be abusive. Finally, the sublease agreement can only come into effect with the approval of your landlord, represented by ourselves.

If you wish to use a service such as AirBNB, the maximal duration of subletting is limited to 90 days per year.

To obtain further information on the risks you run when subletting your residence or commercial premises and your obligations as sublessor, you can consult our document: “How to go about subletting your flat”.

You need to send a request in writing signed by the leaseholder(s) together with the standard registration form and the annexes required in this form.

In the event of marriage or divorce, please send us your marriage certificate or divorce decree. Only when all the necessary documents are in our hands can we communicate to you the decision of your landlord in respect of your request to change the leaseholder.

If you wish to change the leaseholder for a commercial lease, your commercial advisor is at your disposal to provide you with details of the documents to be submitted.

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