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When you’re buying or selling a villa, apartment, office space, or lot, whether it’s for your own use or as an investment, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
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Signing the agreement

The signing of the mandate

This first stage in marketing your property is crucial, as both parties define the deadlines and the degree of exclusivity

of the agreement. This determines the brokerage team’s room for manoeuvre to complete the sale, which is carried out with transparency, intelligence and efficiency. The aim is to put potential buyers in competition with each other in order for us to sell your property at the best price. An essential point: at Moser Vernet & Cie, our services are paid solely on results!

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Marketing your property

A marketing strategy

The brokerage team implements a phased sales strategy. First of all, it arranges for plans and photographs to be taken by professionals.

Depending on the seller’s wishes, it may also submit a request for a virtual tour and/or home staging of the property. The advertisement is carefully drafted and includes visuals of the property so that readers can form a first impression. Finally, the brokerage team places the property online on the real estate agency’s website and on the various property portals. It also draws up an advertising communications plan that includes publications via various channels such as social networks and the press (print and digital). Naturally, it provides access to its entire customer portfolio.



Individualized support

The brokerage team organises appointments and accompanies potential buyers on individual visits. After each visit, they follow up by

answering questions and sending out reminders if necessary. You will also receive a regular marketing report.

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A follow-up of the negotiations

Professional and responsive, discussions between the brokerage team, the seller and the buyer are both calm and efficient.

It is indeed essential to understand the interests of both parties. For example, there may be a disagreement between the seller and the buyer over the time it takes to sell the property: a buyer may have to vacate their property before they can enjoy their new purchase and might have nowhere to store their furniture. An agreement must therefore be reached quickly between the two parties. Moser Vernet & Cie provides effective support to both the seller and the buyer during such negotiations, so that they can move forward as efficiently as possible.

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A 360° service

Our brokerage team facilitates your dealings with all the parties involved, such as your bank, the notary and the land registry.

They will pass on information to the notary, oversee preparations for the signing of the deed of sale, and assist you right through to the handover of the keys to the new owners.

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