Sustainable renovation



In buildings managed by the real estate agency

Buildings are responsible for over 40% of CO2 emissions in Switzerland. The impact of maintaining them and bringing them

up to energy standards is therefore very important in limiting global warming. Our aim is to make the buildings we manage less energy-intensive by maintaining and renovating them in line with our customers’ wishes. This has born its fruits, as evidenced by the level of HDI (Heat Expenditure Index) in the buildings we manage, which is on average 8 to 10% lower than the national average. The installation of lighting that meets the ECO21 standard in the vast majority of the buildings we manage has reduced the buildings’ electricity consumption and cut the bills for our customers, both owners and tenants. Renovations to maintain, improve and bring our properties up to standard are fully controlled and carried out in-house. From the authorisation process through to the completion of the works, our technicians are there to ensure that the various companies involved in the work on buildings and individual properties is coordinated and properly carried out.


Real estate agency

At Moser Vernet & Cie

A complete digitalisation process of our activities was undertaken in 2019, which resulted in the elimination of paper.

All documents and correspondence are now integrated into our OnBase software, which enables us to make significant savings on paper and reduce our ecological footprint. Our ambitions do not stop there. Indeed, sustainable development is a key aspect of the company’s ethos. As a result, our teams regularly attend training courses throughout the year to keep them active and at the cutting edge of new technologies.

Our team specialising in sustainable renovation is on hand to help you with your projects.

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