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“Manage Your Properties the Right Way”
Gérance administrative d'immeuble Genève - Moser Vernet et Cie SA

Ongoing administration of your property

Renting out homes or commercial or administrative space means pleasing both the tenant and the owner. So every department must make availability and good listening skills a priority.

We offer open communications between departments and collaborative, prompt decision-making.

You can trust us with all the tasks involved in managing your rental property.

“ Managing a rental property requires multiple specialized services: administrative management, accounting, technical skills, project management, legal services, and insurance. At Moser Vernet & Cie, we offer all these services, along with being available and ready to listen to you, our customer. ”

A team of technicians at your service 

From putting it up for rent to monitoring the lease process, we can handle all the interpersonal, technical, financial, and legal aspects.
We also provide tracking and adjustment of construction budgets and rent prices, as well as renegotiating insurance, mortgages, and maintenance contracts.

Each of our partners will be personally involved in strategic decision-making and monitoring management of your assets.

portrait du service Gérance technique d'immeuble Genève - Moser Vernet et Cie SA
“We listen to your wishes and your needs to determine the services you want from our full list of offerings.”
  • Showcase rental properties  on our website and regularly update our available apartment listings.
  • Draw up leases customized for each situation.
  • Renew expired leases optimally by adjusting rental terms to current market conditions.
  • Reassess rents through active negotiations during term of lease.
  • Our legal department closely monitors rent disputes and complaints.
  • Assess work when tenants leave. This takes place during a pre-assessment of condition of premises before their rehabilitation.
  • Coordinate and direct renovations and negotiate building authorizations and practical and financial terms with the authorities and vendors.
  • Analyze price/quality ratio of services provided by vendors and janitor services.
  • Optimize energy management in buildings by monitoring consumption levels and heating/cooling infrastructure, and adapting them to current standards.
  • Provide detailed statement with description of work completed for each invoice.
  • Pay cash on hand as per your requests.
  • Handle payment of mortgage interest and financial charges.
  • Manage separate accounts for large accounts.
  • Calculate charges and heating and additional costs for tenants.
  • Online access so you can easily follow your situation.

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