“ We know how emotionally attached our clients can be to their properties. We believe, like our customers, that responsiveness, a demanding approach and monitoring form the basis of effective renting. ”

Dedicated Service

Renting and managing these living spaces requires very special care and attention.

First, we give you a free, accurate estimate of the properties you would like to rent out.

Next, we help you set the rental prices and put potential tenants through a rigorous screening process.

Lastly, we guarantee scrupulous maintenance monitoring and ensure the rents are collected and the homes are well cared for.


Draw up contracts and supplementary clauses that address all current laws and regulations.

Adjust rents based on contract terms or via negotiation.

Ensure effective marketing of your product : daily updates of our site, monthly mailings, and special access to our client network of international companies operating in Geneva.

Contain maintenance costs when tenants leave, with detailed inventory on condition of premises supplemented with photos.

Regularly monitor costs and renegotiate maintenance contracts.

Keep a watchful eye on maintenance and repair work.

Keep track of damage and insurance contracts.

Monitor collections.

• Provide detailed statement with description of work completed for each invoice.

Pay cash on hand as per your requests.

• Directly manage payment of mortgage interest and installments.

“We’ll also provide you with a free, accurate estimate of the properties you would like to offer for rent.”

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