Managing residential property


With 600 villas and apartments entrusted to our management, we fully understand the emotional attachment that homeowners can feel for their property. If you want to put yours up for rent, we can ensure its management for you from payments to upkeep, as well as a rigorous selection of the tenants who will occupy it. If you are looking to rent, we can offer you a wide selection of irreproachable homes and accompany you on visits.


  • An assessment of your real-estate with a free appraisal in view of leasing
  • Personalized service and property management depending on your personal and financial objectives
  • Privileged access to our client network from the international companies in the vicinity
  • High-performance commercialisation, especially through the information on our website that is updated daily (photos and monthly mailing)
  • Competence in legal issues
  • Mastery of English to ensure quality communication with all parties involved
  • Direct involvement by the associates in strategic choices like the rental price or the choice of tenants



  • The establishment of contracts based on the latest measures in force, amendments etc...
  • Signing of leases that are time bound (3-4 year leases)
  • Tracking of payments
  • Readjustment of rent payments in accordance with contracts or through negotiations


  • Mastery of maintenance costs when tenants change through detailed inventories of fixtures with pictures.
  • Full renovation services for condominiums and houses
  • Professional tracking of insurance claims and contacts with insurers
  • Monitoring of maintenance and repair work of rental properties accompanied by regular inspection of leased assets
  • Regular control of costs and renegotiation of maintenance contracts
  • Application with resolve of leasing rules and practices



  • Detailed accounting with descriptions of the work completed for each invoice
  • Detailed and customised reporting
  • Prompt payment of available funds
  • Direct coverage of the payment of the interests and mortgage amortizations and financial charges
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