Managing commercial property


We enhance the value of your building and seek out and select the best tenants for you. Assist them effectively during their installation and offer prompt and efficient solutions, that is the creed of Moser Vernet & Cie SA. If you are looking for space to rent, your requirements will be analyzed in detail as quickly as possible in order to offer you solutions adapted to your needs. Our service, supervised by the three associates for strategic decisions, is provided by a team of commercial real-estate professionals entirely dedicated to this sector of activity and benefitting from competencies covering all the aspects of real-estate management.


  • Market analysis and investment advice regarding new or in-service buildings
  • Enhancement of existing or new rental space
  • Negotiations and updating of leasing terms of buildings in service
  • Piloting of new building operations or renovations
  • Real-estate brokerage contracts for commercial leases
  • Direct involvement by the associates in strategic choices, such as the leasing price or the choice of tenants



  • The analysis of leasing potentials thanks to detailed market knowledge
  • The commercialization of available space to local and international clients
  • Rigorous selection of renters and their business activities at the end of a lease or when a lease is transferred
  • Tracking of current rentals and adaptation of rent payments or specific clauses
  • Analysis of expired leases with the associates and adaptation of the lease terms
  • Programmes for lease rates enhancement through negotiations in the field
  • Monitoring of litigation by a specialized service


  • Detailed and careful inventories of fixtures for new leases or lease transfers
  • The development of projects for organising space with lease candidates
  • Coordination of work for transformation or renovation
  • Facility management services for lease holders
  • Tracking of technical installations and their adaptation to new requirements
  • Price/quality control of services rendered by suppliers and concierge services
  • Optimised energy management in buildings by tracking consumption indicators, HVAC installations and adapting them to current norms



  • Detailed accounting with descriptions of the work completed for each invoice
  • Detailed and customized reporting
  • Prompt payment of available funds
  • Direct coverage of the payment of the interests and mortgage amortizations and financial charges
  • Management of separate bank accounts for key accounts
  • Management of the rental costs breakdowns for renters


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