Managing apartments for rent


The management of rental assets comprising more than 8,000 condominiums is built on five circles of competence – the department for reception and leasing, the administrative and technical managers, the accounting and legal departments. Their daily coordination is ensured by the three associates, seconded by colleagues whose principle qualities are their knowledge and creativity as well as their empathy and availability. Rather than a rigid hierarchy, Moser Vernet & Cie SA encourages very fluid vertical communication that favours rapid decision making, under the associates’ control. Consequently, the mastery of the leasing process, from monitoring when a lease is underway through to the financial aspects are all perfectly mastered.


  • Advice and a real-estate investment strategy oriented around your financial objectives
  • A technical and rental assessment, an analysis­of the potentials and a plan for value enhancement­of your real-estate
  • Tracking and adaptation of the budgets for work­and rent payments for each asset put up for rent
  • Commercialisation supported by modern and integrated tools
  • Tracking and renegotiating insurance policies,­mortgages, maintenance contracts etc...
  • Personal involvement by the associates in the­tracking and management of your properties
  • Financial security ensured by the associates’personal responsibility for our agency’s business
  • Direct involvement by the associates in­strategic choices, such as the leasing price or the selection of tenants



  • Centralised leasing services through a dedicated reception department
  • Access to the widest selection of condominiums­available through the agency’s regularly updated lists on our website, by telephone or email
  • Drafting of a lease adapted to each situation
  • Optimised management of the renewal of expired leases by adapting the rental terms to market trends
  • A programme of revaluing leasing terms by actively negotiating while the lease is underway
  • Monitoring of litigation by our specialized­department


  • The appraisal of work upon tenant departure­by anticipation during a pre-inventory of fixtures
  • Coordination of renovation work
  • Negotiation of the financial conditions with­authorities in the framework of building permits or authorizations for transformations
  • Tracking of technical installations and their­adaptation to new requirements
  • Price/quality control of services rendered by suppliers and concierge services
  • Optimised energy management in buildings­by tracking consumption indicators, HVAC installations and adapting them to current norms


  • Detailed accounting with descriptions­of the work completed for each invoice
  • Detailed and customized reporting
  • Prompt payment of available funds
  • Direct coverage of the payment of the interests­and mortgage amortizations and financial charges
  • Management of separate bank accounts for key accounts
  • Management of the rental costs breakdowns for tenants
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